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About Guild Insurance Plus


Guild Insurance Plus is an insurance broker that is wholly owned by Guild Insurance, set up to offer you a broader range of insurance solutions.

It’s important to know you’re making the right choice with your insurance. As part of the Steadfast Group, Australasia’s largest general insurance broker network, Guild Insurance Plus makes it easy.

With so many insurers out there offering seemingly competitive premiums, it can be difficult to understand the specifics of each cover and ensure you are making the right decision to protect your personal assets, that’s where we come in. Our team of Insurance Brokers can offer you the choice between a range of products, exclusive policy options, and competitive pricing from a panel of insurers. 

But it doesn’t stop with a policy personalised to meet your insurance needs. We’re also dedicated to looking after you before an incident occurs. The team at Guild Insurance Plus will help you not only understand your risk exposures, but can help you mitigate them before they lead to a claim.



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Frequently asked questions

As a niche insurer, Guild Insurance works hard to ensure all our customers get access to the best value protection for all aspects of their livelihood. If we don’t believe that we can offer a product that delivers against that expectation, then we partner with someone who can. Motor insurance is a specialised product, and like our customers, one that covers vehicles of many different shapes and sizes. From everyday run-arounds, to dream cars that people have worked for years to finally own, our customers have unique insurance needs. We have partnered with McLardy McShane to ensure everyone has access to a range of policies as broad as the vehicles they own, and competitively priced, all while remaining part of the Guild Group of companies.

Guild Insurance Plus is an Authorised Representative of McLardy McShane Partners. We are authorised by McLardy McShane's financial licence to be able to provide you with a range of personal insurance products.

When Guild Plus acts for you, our role will be to assess your situation and suggest a policy that suits your needs. We will deal with the insurer on your behalf and keep you informed, up to date and covered.

An insurance broker is a qualified insurance professional who acts on your behalf and independently of the insurance company. We can provide advice and arrange appropriate cover for you.

    Guild Insurance Plus can:
  • Obtain a quote for your on your personal property or motor insurance
  • Help you with your personal insurance enquiries
  • Carry out a change to your policy
  • Make a claim on your behalf

Guild Insurance Plus will do a market search from their panel of insurers to find the best terms available for your property or car and offer these terms to you.

Guild Plus will broker your policy, acting on your behalf with the insurance company when it comes to negotiating terms, or in the unfortunate event that you suffer a loss.

For any changes or enquiries about your policy you will need to contact us. We will act on your behalf with the insurance company when it comes to negotiating terms, or in the unfortunate event that you suffer a loss.

Please call or email Guild Plus and we should, in most cases, be able to be provide a Certificate to you within minutes of your request.

You can notify us that you would like to obtain a quote or notify us of a claim online by using our Quote Request or Claim Notification facilities on our website. We will contact you directly if further information is required.

If you have an urgent claim, we suggest you contact your Insurance Company directly.

Premium funding is available as a payment method for your insurance premiums and broker service fees. This allows you to manage your cash flow by paying your premium in monthly instalments over the period of insurance. Because it is organised at the same time as your insurance policy (or policies) there is no need to make separate arrangements with banks or other financiers.

Please check for details of any additional costs that may be incurred in the new arrangement.

Guild Insurance Plus provides professional services to you in providing advice on the placement of your insurances and assistance if a loss occurs. We may receive a commission from the insurer and/or charge a broker fee to you directly on each policy they arrange on your behalf; but will advise you of the fees being charged for the services provided to you so there are no hidden costs.

    What am I paying a fee for?
  • Placing your policy with the best insurer for your needs (within the range of our insurer panel)
  • Managing your claim with the insurance company as required
  • Please see our Financial Services Guide (FSG) for further details.